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the great debate

it’s tough to engage paradigm shifting dialogue when everyone comes into it believing they’re right. it’s an unnecessary, childish heaviness that’s ineffective and destructive, at best. to move forward as a collective, we have to temper the fuck-you, knee-jerk reaction, and ground our concerns in greater compassion, and heart-centered, active listening. it sounds basic, but…

mass consensus disorders

these are some of the mass consensus disorders of our time: – the importance of a good paying job – paying taxes – government – economic growth; profit – religion – love as a commodity; manipulator; control mechanism; even an option – money as real and valuable and necessary – real estate – banking; debt;…


vulnerability is a tricky thing.

we live in a society that has many convoluted ideas about what strength is, what power is, what courage is. we live in a society that thrives (well, subsists) on base function and emotional bargaining, manipulation, and underdevelopment.

so, vulnerability, as an adult, is a tricky thing….

“Disclosure” – Official Music Video

“Disclosure” is a track from The Reluctant Pilgrim, Part II. “disclosure” trance blackman you keep your secrets with all of mine if these are secrets then why the line? forever baseless your hidden crime a method faceless like doing time you had your congress alike in mind forsaking progress with ties that bind in every…