51% is the magic space, for you, and for me, individually. when we’re inundated with negative stimuli all around us, all the time, by psychotic, unconscious design, we have to wrest control back of our creative juices, and tip the scales in our favour. it is time to elevate.

yes, it is potentially work, a required effort, because those soul-distorted assholes spend billion$ in RnD to poison the flow and keep us numb, dumb, bickering and shopping. but it is also the ultimate play in this high stakes game. we’re talking reality shifting and resonance, falling back in love and romance with life and your story.

no-thing and no one has dominion over you. step into the lightness.

grab hold the mighty pen… it’s not simply what you think about comes about. embrace next level awareness and expansion. why do you think it? who does it belong to? what else is possible? who is the real you here? why are they hiding?

you are loved, divinely.

turn the page. what excites you, charges you up, invites and ignites imagination, terrifies and shakes your heart into high gear?

or, what calms, centres, rests and fulfills your spirit, and gives rise to the natural glow of the peaceful beingness you are perpetually anchored to?

you’re alright. shiny, even.

solvitur ambulando

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