there is energy in our spoken words, just as there is energy in our thoughts, our imagination, and our intentions.

generation after generation, ideas and paradigms and belief systems are carried forward. thankfully, in every generation, there are those who question that which came before. sometimes it’s obvious how deep ignorance goes, sometimes the lies and twists of sanity are so embedded we simply can’t comprehend how someone could question something that’s just… always been that way, and accepted as such.

as children, and as we grow into our personalities and identities, more often than not we question our parents or guardians – certainly once we’ve seen through their once infallible capabilities. if raised through fearful tactics and manipulation, it depends, really. we may cower and internalize pain, questions, beliefs and burdens. or, we may act out, and/or get out as soon as possible. the concepts of heroes and villains is… relative.

if raised with compassion, empathy, presence and a general safe space to step into our truth, we may indeed walk with a different kind of posture, attitude, and grace. in my experience, this is the exception. “life is hard”, and “money doesn’t grow on trees”, and “your father is a useless bag of shit who will never amount to anything” is quite likely more common than any would like to admit.

i would certainly prefer to be wrong. alas, it is upon all of us, here, now, to consciously move this paradigm into the less destructive and elevated direction that’s closer to soul than it’s been.

regardless, at some point, we should start to question things that fall out of our mouths – or cross our conscious mind – where they came from, and why we cling to them in any meaningful way. as with anything that can reach deeply into our core selves, once the string is pulled… much can be exposed. sometimes, in the lightness of truth, we’ll want to protect that which we’ve identified with for much of our lives. sometimes, we have to know it’s time to let go.

life, eh?
a penny saved
it builds character
i need the money
i need any clients i can get
i need to say yes to every opportunity
i need to win the lottery
i’ll never afford
i’m always chasing money
everything is a struggle
god has a plan
the global elite are always working against us
money is evil
money is number one
i’m not worthy of love if i don’t earn enough
i can’t offer stability or security for my partner
i wish i could
one day, i will have enough saved to enjoy life
you can’t trust the banks
the wealthy are all crooks
you can’t trust rich people
yeah, who’d they screw over to make their millions?
the law favours those who can afford good lawyers
my ideas aren’t worth anything
all the good ideas are taken
i hate paying taxes
everything costs so much
money has no real value
i can’t catch a break…ever.

et cetera, ad nauseam

reclaim your creative, authentic self by being and becoming aware of where you might be bleeding away life’s gifts and limitless potentialities unconsciously.

you are more. you are enough.

solvitur ambulando

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