i am thinking today again of the divisions and fragmented notions we endure, and the unnecessary conflicts they can cause us to unconsciously live with. . .

follow your dreams, but don’t be a dreamer

pursue your passion, but don’t be too passionate or overzealous

put some money aside, but don’t bother saving money – live now

get a good sleep every night, but sleep when you’re dead

climb that mountain, but slow and steady

don’t give of your time, energy, attention and love too easily, but be open and give of yourself fully with no expectations – take a chance

go into business for yourself, and do what you love, but keep your day job because nobody earns a living being creative and happy

charge what you’re worth, but work for free to get exposure or clients… you have a day job, remember?

take your time to hone your skills and master your craft, but there’s no time to waste, so get out there!

et cetera.

it’s no wonder why we are so often spinning our wheels, when we rely on that which is outside of us to guide us. we generally live reactionary and impulsive, rather than proactive and faithful.

and with the modern proliferation and pace of information, opinions, mentors, and social media flotsam, our attention spans are shrinking to that of gnat.

we are victims before we are champions – both for ourselves and others who come across our paths.

the world as we perceive it is very unsure of itself. uncertain times (ie. since forever) call for chaos, frenzy, shopping, and anxiety.


if we are in a persistent or frequent state of worry, frustration, agitation, angst or unrest, we’re living by the stories and designs unnatural to who we really are; we are buying into the mass delusion of mechanical minds and maligned intentions.

your truth speaks to you all through the day. take a moment to listen. take another. there is wisdom to be gleaned from reflections, and guidance can often be subtle… until we are authentic in our walk and present in our own intentions.

solvitur ambulando

p. s. this video by Teal Swan expands on my thoughts here quite nicely…


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