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too much

we know that too much of most anything is unhealthy, destructive, counterproductive or otherwise damaging–to ourselves, to the collective, to the planet.

too much anti-whatever in medicine and soap and cleaners has created superbugs. too much loud music or working without ear protection destroys hearing. too much snacking and eating of “food products” poisons the body, and mind. too much force breaks a bone. too much emotion harms the heart, body, and mind.

too much, is also addictive. taking mind-altering substances and excessive drinking can open us up, or numb us down, but used as an escape, creates the inevitable addiction to those escapes.

it’s important to be aware, to self-regulate, to recognize where we may be trying to heal wounds and trauma in ways that aren’t our best options.

i love new experiences and scaring myself once in a while. i love hanging upside down zipping along a wire hanging across a deep ravine, and also sitting beside a babbling brook in a trance from the flickering sunlight and sounds. i look forward to skydiving, as well as wandering the streets of a new city or town… or discovering a waterfall or grove of giant trees along a trail.

i don’t need it everyday, though. giving my home a good once-over and dusting my shelves or draping damp laundry all over the living room is fulfilling. reading one chapter from five different books is interesting. following the breadcrumbs around YouTube is a great way to expand my mind… and of course, crosswords.

as often as i can, i trust my impulses and intuitive hits. there have been months and years that i didn’t connect much at all with my real self, and that was a world of pain. but, learn as we grow, and let it go.

your body knows. your heart informs. your mind deciphers. your environment breathes, guides and indicates.

balance is important, sure, but it isn’t always necessary. shake it up. break your rules. say what you need to say. be bold. be shy. be vulnerable. be confident.

be real. it’s not possible to be too much of your authentic self. we all benefit from that.

solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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