we live in a society that favours specialties and routine, systemizing a categorizing. when you exist more in openness and generalities, as what an artist embodies by default (and we’re all artists), you frequently run into walls, and attitudes, and perspectives that just don’t compute.

at the same time, we continue to promote and proliferate ignorant, limiting, and broken ideas, and wonder why so many are discontented and resolved to merely dabble in everything, barely skimming the surface, inviting ennui and noncommittal energies. it’s the same whether in relationships, or jobs, careers, and creative outlets.

there is an absolute need for a sea change in regards to outdated practices and belief systems, as well as a deep examination of values, and values levels. we’ve scattered our focus and diluted our purposeful passions and pursuits. failing corporate models are generating mass apathy.

significant aspects of what has come before is now truly unemployable in where the collective professes it desires to go, and who it wants to be.

we think we know what there is to know about the essence of this place, though our persistent anxiety, struggle and attachment to “fixing” it would suggest otherwise.

arrogance is moot. shut up. listen. reconnect with what is real. alter your perspective, and your vocabulary.

solvitur ambulando

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