the pains, weights, suffering and struggles rarely ever sink the boat. our life force is beyond what our minds understand as simply resilience.

we get fixated on seeing only what’s on the horizon, or dragging along what is heavy, tangible, and clunky, and┬áthe persistent fog frustrates time and again – and we wonder why the boat is barely inching along.

if we so choose, the waves and waters can terrify us as they splash in our faces, and continually threaten to fill the boat to the limits. how often we forget we can use our hands to bail out the waters until we devise buckets and other implements through experience and discerning and integration and wisdom remembered.

you’re already wet. retake the oars. take some risks. try something new. try something old, again. give the obvious a chance. surprise yourself. it’s all available to you.

love your life.

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