What If…

what if, with a single, focused, emotionally charged, passionately infused thought, your journey could take a completely new direction?

try it: now. now, now, NOW!


what if, regardless of how many fellow adventurers are around you – cluttering up your space, barely avoiding collisions amongst each other, zooming down the highway of life at blinding speeds – you could find a clarity that instantly pulls you out of that chaotic time/space, revealing any number of exits and off-ramps?

what if, amongst all those new potential directions, it was obvious which one would be the best for you to take, for who you are, where you are, now?

what if, upon summoning the courage to take this new path, your life so quickly changed in a way you’ve been dreaming of, that you can’t help but feel giddy? fulfilled? purposeful? motivated?

what if…

what if you weren’t too concerned whether anybody was watching? what if it didn’t matter what they thought? what if, by being courageous, some of them did take notice, were inspired, and became courageous, too?

what if, through your simple act of “now”, you cause a ripple of change that shakes, rattles, and crumbles the foundations of all-that-has-been, creating a space for fresh perspective, massive shifts in belief structures, love-infused co-creation, and the unified, positive progression of so much untapped potential we possess, just below the surface?

what if none of that matters?

what if you allowed yourself to simply enjoy the game more? what if you got selfish in the best way, allowing your truest self a chance to be expressed, liberating your self to really, deeply, honestly ask:

“What if?”

love your life,



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