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A Dwelling on the Precipice

How much do we fear being our true selves?

A lot, apparently. Top-selling anything is fiction, fantasy, thriller, violence, and any number of superficial constructs. We’ve actually been sold on the ideas that life is dis-ease, distrust, unrequited love, adultery, conquest, frustration, epidemics, liposuction, expensive education, indoctrination, empires, politics, borders, guns, drugs, police, military, war, iTech, and climate change.

The lines have been drawn, and we’re terrified of coloring outside them; we’re disengaged and disoriented, not sure what to believe anymore, and our trust in ourselves is numbed.

It might be time to get our collective heads out of our asses. There is nothing intriguing or healthy about violence, unmitigated consumerism, vicious guilt and shame, and spiritual disconnect. We have to remember the greater story and worthier purpose of existing in this time and place, not just to obey ticking seconds, minutes, hours and days . . .

Recognize your puppet strings, and wrest back control. It’s not just a metaphor: you are designed to be amazing. You are divine!

Would-be puppetmasters are cowards who feed on powerlessness, laughing all the way to their banks. Power, is a corrupted notion, to the core, basted in egoic malevolence, psychotic spin and manipulation. It conjures up value in material things, and in virtual things, in pleasantries and plays on words.

No thing has inherent meaning. Nothing. The instant we want to label or limit it, we have to ask ourselves, whose idea is this? Because you can bet that unless you’re at least a little awake, your knee-jerk price tag will be of someone else’s design.

Love is the source, not Coke. You’ll see through those multimillion-dollar campaigns if you want to. You’ll recognize the hilarity and dysfunction of the madness. You are the meaning, not them or out there.

It is within you to (re)ignite the spark. Then, witness the passionate fire! It’s good for what fails you. It’s good for opening and widening the eyes. It’s good for recapturing innocence, presence, resilience, and resonance. It’s good for scaring the shit out of you (where scary is exciting, and shit is, well, layers of inherited, borrowed, programmed, accepted-as-truth, shit).

Your truth is deep, invigorating, light. You can feel it, when you reconnect with real substance. Your true self is beyond fear; your true self doesn’t fear your fears . . . it embraces them.

Dive in.

Love your life,