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Afraid of Fire

In today’s convoluted arena of human experience, most worldly concerns can be reduced to one simple question: who stands to profit?

The war machine trudges on, as the military industry seems always to need more weapons. Big Pharma continues to work on both the cause and effect sides (both profitable) of human physical, psychological, and psychosomatic experiences. They have the biggest advertising budgets, though likely comparable to the oil cartels, and thus concurrently control a lot of airwaves and global media narratives.

It’s all fiction. They know it. We’re waking up en masse as well, finally, and seeing through it. But a lot of damage is done. Damage is also profitable. Generations of weakened minds are locked into negative spirals and loops of materialistic dependency on chemicals, entertainment, violence, litigation, scarcity and fear.

It’s all fiction, but it feels real. This is our inherent power made manifest; we can lose ourselves in the story, time and again.

As many are thrilled at the ideas of AI, and augmenting, enhancing, modifying, purifying and manipulating the human beingness, many of us know we have never had a chance to truly express our actual, realized, embodied potential—unhindered by a toxic, malevolent world, its fictitious borders and boundaries, its dead and dying gods and religions, its economic slavery, its childish politics, its ceaseless, divisive propaganda and fear pornography, and its myopic materialism and consumerism; very few of us actually know and live as who and what we are. Very few of us dwell in spiritual authenticity, beyond identity and the fragmented ego. Most of us are, or are becoming, narcissists.

The age-old players in this arena know what we’re made of, and capitalize on it relentlessly. They play on our values, emotions, beliefs, and inclinations as a matter of course. When you manufacture and repeat big lies long enough, no one can really tell you up from down, right from wrong, fact from fiction. Nothing can be made nor experienced in its original, sacred form, lest we disconnect completely from the grid and its multidimensional entanglements.

So, it must burn. Through the fire, there is a chance for purity and elevation from millennia of stagnation and circular spiritual subjugation. So long as we believe in life and death, we are losers in this reality. Until we can embrace our true significance, our sovereignty, and our limitlessness, we will continue to engage in repetitive victimhood and martyrdom, and to be led by our noses and our vanity into the next big controversy, conflict, and global conflagration.


Solvitur ambulando

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