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I Feel Again-ws

A Fellow Creative

Trance Blackman is a multi-faceted singer, songwriter, composer, and producer. He loves photography, and has worked in film/TV and media production as an actor, editor, writer, and producer — and has worn other hats such as camera, sound design, scoring, art department, and set construction. He also enjoys occasional jaunts into theater, and performs as a voiceover artist.


He speaks his mind through his thought-provoking, observational journal entries, which are interspersed with poetry, and of course, his music. Trance’s contemplative perspective explores and synthesizes elements of philosophy, psychology, spirituality, science, the arts, and the esoteric — with an aim to contribute to and inspire personal and collective enlightenment and transformation.

Let love lead you.


Trance Blackman has been surrounded by, influenced and immersed in all kinds of music, for all of his life.

At around three years of age, his father got him started on a two-tiered Farfisa organ, which featured bass pedals that he wouldn’t be able to reach until he was several years older. Throughout his formative years, Trance focused primarily on keyboard instruments and drums, eventually finding his singing voice as a teenager. He then taught himself to play guitars, favoring a nylon-stringed Fender classical, and later fell in love with a five-string bass he’d acquired on a trip to Wales.

By his mid-teens, Trance had begun composition of original songs and arrangements. His first released album was Runaway, which he followed up with Runaway Revisited, a compilation of his own remixed versions of the original recordings. His latest release, and 10th self-produced album, is Fleshwound.

Trance strives to create strong, meaningful music. He regularly has several album projects in development and production, exploring as fully as he can his genre-blending methods and creative ingenuity.

Music is life.