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I Feel Again-ws

A Fellow Creative

Trance Blackman is a singer, songwriter, composer, and producer. He loves photography. In film and media production he’s been an actor, editor, writer and producer. He’s enjoyed ventures into theater, and performs as a voiceover artist.


Trance speaks his mind through thought-provoking, observational journal entries, interspersed with poetry, and of course, his music. His contemplative perspective explores and synthesizes elements of philosophy, psychology, spirituality, science, the arts, and the esoteric — with an aim to contribute to and inspire personal and collective enlightenment and transformation. He’s written over a thousand articles over the past fifteen years, though has on occasion “reset” the catalog to start afresh; artistic and creative expression, as it is with science, is ever-evolving, adapting and is never complete.

Let love lead you.

Music Artist

Trance Blackman has been surrounded by, influenced and immersed in all kinds of music, for all of his life.

His father, also a musician, got him started on a Farfisa organ, which featured bass pedals that he wouldn’t be able to reach until he was several years older. Throughout his formative years, Trance continued developing his skills on keyboard instruments, while learning to play the drums. He’d grow up keeping the rhythm beside his father — who played the accordion, powered by a Leslie speaker — at cultural club gigs, watching couples dance their nights away.

Eventually, as a teenager, he found his singing voice. This personal milestone completely changed the musical game, as his natural ability to build layered vocal harmonies and emotive expression through lyrics and melodies added depth and breadth that no technology could provide. In the early days, all he had for recording was a dual-cassette portable stereo, but it was enough to spark the lasting fire. He then taught himself to play guitars, favoring a nylon-stringed Fender classical, and later fell in love with a five-string bass he’d acquired on a trip to Wales.

By his mid-teens, Trance had begun composition of original songs and arrangements, summoned through the fervent passion of countless hours of practice, exploring the sampled sounds and programmed rhythms of numerous models of electronic music machines. The advent of advanced recording software again changed the game, as the burgeoning artist had finally discovered a virtually unlimited creative outlet. He quickly poured hundreds of hours into learning how to capture, explore, record and produce his diverse musical ideas through the ever-evolving DAW.

The result was his first self-released album, Runaway, which was quickly followed up with Runaway Revisited, featuring remixed, alternate versions of the original recordings. The process was a singular, memorable moment in his life, wherein time would fade into the background, when days would turn into nights and back into days, as he honed his sound, and feverishly prepared his music for the world. He would repeat the original-then-remixed process again with his Wander albums.

His latest release, and 11th self-produced album, is Fleshwound Restitched (The Remixes).

Trance strives to create emotive, considered, meaningful music. He regularly has several album projects in development and production, exploring as fully as he can his genre-blending methods and creative ingenuity.

Music is life.