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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Politicians can’t stop lying, period. Everything introduced during the plandemic has failed, in every way possible.

Why? When you build an entire industry upon lies, pseudoscience, and blind faith in material physics, you get exactly what the world is going through now. Worse, it keeps happening, over and over again.

What’s the definition of insanity?

Masks were always meant to be a distraction; a cult-infused mindfuck. They’ve proven to be a very effective tool with which to divide a society, and there are many such tools. The more we infight, the easier it is to implement more restrictions, mandates, and ridiculous sociopolitical nonsense. The more childish and polarized we become, the easier it is to install tyrannical men and their pre-planned measures…for our safety.

Then you pull out the Trudeau-isms, such “Canadians coming together, doing the right thing, making sacrifices,” and other superficial, pandering, emotionally manipulative jargon. Assholes like Justin are spineless parasites, through and through, coached and groomed their whole life to be exactly who we see as our Prime Minister today. His conditioning won’t allow him to break with the narcissistic persona, and he’ll utilize every resource at his disposal to keep his position, and to pursue his agenda, come what may.

We see the same psychopathic behavior from many of today’s world leaders — leaders in title only. They’re virtually all graduates of the same entity, sponsored by the World Economic Forum. Covid theater is decades in the making, and it has provided these characters with a great opportunity to do great harm.

So now, we must resist. We must stand up. The Trudeaus of the world don’t think like we do. They cannot. They’ll watch the world crumble and burn, and disappear into history thinking they did all they could, but the people wouldn’t listen.

We know it’s not true. And this is the moment that demands of us something that’s been waiting for a catalyst to spur us into action.

Show your face.