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Nicholas Doherty - Unsplash

Carbonated Assault

If you’ve been captured by the Carbon lie, and it is a big one, you’re likely expediting ecological disaster, rather than rectifying the wrongs of generations past, or in any way going to “save the world.” You need to check yourself, and think about what you’re fighting for.

Any idiot can protest, wear a clever t-shirt, make up a colorful placard, dye their hair purple, and become an activist. Even better, mutilate your genitals first. That’ll show you’re truly committed.

Over and over again, well-meaning, yet unfortunately stupid people (Cipolla‘s 5 Laws), get caught up in waves of trendy causes — those disinformation and propaganda narratives made up in the mainstream, in the Tavistock institutes, the CIA, in the utter failure that is Academia — never going far beyond the parroting of talking points, never engaging in adult debate or discussion, never really knowing what they’re actually trying to achieve…

There are no lies in nature. The earth is alive. The climate and ecology is under constant assault from Man’s tinkering, toiling, disruption, interruption, and meddling. For what? Profit. Power. Control. Stupidity and nonsense.

Politicians, like many CEOs, who are little more than pathological, narcissistic liars, will get on that bandwagon all day long. And nothing will improve. In fact, they’ll exacerbate the problems, under the guise of addressing the purported challenges and concerns, profiting massively for their cronies, ruling families, bankers, corporate backers, and other transnational cult members. Medicine, climate, energy, education, food, finance — all of it — is theirs for their parasitic machinations. Not to benefit you, your family, your business, and most certainly, not to live in harmony with your planet.

Stop eating bullshit. Stop perpetuating ignorance. Stop playing games, if you’re truly concerned with providing benefit to you and yours. How’s your backyard? How’s your health? How’s your financial outlook? How’s your church, community hall, local parks? Are you OK with criminals running your government, at nearly all levels?

Get real, or shut up and sit down.

Vid: Charles Eisenstein, Sacred Economics, 2023