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Cloak and Dagger

It’s interesting the energies that can emerge when we’re in the company of others, especially our would-be catalysts; the masks that suddenly show up, the scripts that suddenly start running, the triggers that unravel, and the cognitive dissonance that can disrupt a basic conversation.

Afterward, we might not even recognize that alien entity that just wore our body as a costume, as we frown and wonder about the mysteries of our heart and mind . . . It’s the well-practiced posturing and unconscious self-protection mechanisms that have a way of dulling innocence and parity of our character. And in this society, we delve into bullshit, generally, before we eventually return to authenticity. Shame.

We exist within polarity; dichotomy; duality. We dance on the edge of realities and we dwell in the multidimensional. We must remember that there are complexities to what we wholly are that can take us a good long while to figure out and integrate, and even then, when we think we’ve dug the last damn weed, we find the roots of a few were hiding. But, instead of surfacing as something obvious, they took it upon themselves to infect some healthy plants around them, and thus, tricked us rather cleverly by hiding in plain sight.

In this way, we may in fact trip ourselves. The busyness of life can rarely afford us the energy and space of self-awareness and deep reflection. Unfortunately, these things end up on the bookshelf, alongside the dusty, yet unopened tomes we once excitedly purchased, meaning to get to them, one day. Life and living don’t stop. Learning mustn’t, either. 

Daring to question our hangups and hindrances, our miscues and hurdles . . . The answers are only ever available here, now. We just need to be willing to dive into the deep end and risk swallowing some water to reignite the spark of life force that will push us out of comfort and into necessary self-discovery. The pool is our unwept tears, our unreleased trauma, our unresolved pain. The deeper it is, the more capable we truly are, perhaps. Nothing defined within our own cosmic parameters should likely be beyond our purview and capabilities.

Thus, were we to stretch, just enough, we may realize that we can indeed already touch the bottom, and stand, right where we are.

Life provides us instant knowing when we’re open. There is nowhere, and no reason, for the truth to hide, and it begs to serve us in our everything. We needn’t carry on the noise, nor continue butting heads and beating up our hearts.

We are more.

Solvitur ambulando 

Love your life