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Clown Show

If you believe in the virus, nothing humans do will prevent anyone anywhere from being affected. The utter and complete failure of vaccine and containment theater has proven this beyond the shadow of a doubt. “Testing” is merely a tool used to justify, artificially legitimize, and perpetuate the fiction.

For additional resources, and a well documented perspective, please read Jon Rappoport’s blog.

If you’re willing to look beyond the propaganda and the well-practiced narrative, you may begin to see that something else is happening. Humans everywhere are adapting to something that has changed in our world, in our environments, in our consciousness, and in our physical expressions.

That being said, every day, millions die, and millions are born — the same as it has always been. No more have died during the plandemic than in the years previous. The percentage has remained steady. So, why the hysteria?

We all know the answer: What has fundamentally changed is the curated, central story, the cultural narrative, and the controlled dissemination of information. Censorship, deplatforming, defaming, slandering, suppressing, and erasure of dissenting and critical voices has never been so blatant, oppressive, and overt. Every major player across modern media is guilty.

These facts are clear. The game is over. Stand up.