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Current Seas

Not too many years ago, some guy we had a business meeting with was trying to sell us some of this “bitcoin” stuff. $20 or so I believe to buy one coin at the time. We didn’t take him too seriously. I knew this was one way things would be going, but didn’t trust it at all since the tech was so new, so vague, and apparently created by someone who didn’t exist.

What we are witnessing is a systemic transition. The fiat currencies and centralized banking cartel won’t look the same within a few years. It might be wise to consider thinking outside the box regarding your financial resiliency. Remember to be patient, informed and considered. I wish I had been a smarter investor.

These numbers also reflect the general malaise of the political situation playing out in the world. It massively benefits insiders who were well aware of the malicious covid agenda. And we know billionaires gained a trillion and more among themselves in 2020.

As for the rest, we’re getting cajoled, coerced, misinformed, threatened and harassed about masks and vaccines, as the manipulators ramp up the nodemic propaganda. The clown show is in full effect. The shameful, weak-minded behavior of enforcement and peace officers is predictable and as planned. Pick your battles wisely. This has all happened many times before.

If you value your mental and emotional health, it’s a good time to sell your TV. The subconscious programming is as nasty and ubiquitous as ever. And start learning some Mandarin. ;-)

Spend more time in/with nature. Spend your days on purpose, on mission, in love with your true and infinite self, not simply playing along or hiding with the confused and bewildered crowds. This situation will be a drawn out episode in human history, fraught with lies and distortions, massive political and systemic upheaval. It’s time for active, conscious choices.

You choose how much and how often to engage in the matrix, which today is teeming with trauma based mind control. Don’t give ’em your energy.