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Do Not Pass Go

You are advancing away from the old paradigm, the lesser conditions, and the archaic models for a human existence. You can’t bring along your beat-up luggage that can’t even materialize in a different dimension—it won’t even be able to get through the doorway—for this energetic transition requires next level acceptance, integration, appreciation, love, and surrender.

Absolute presence, love, and surrender. The key is gratitude. It opens all doors to deeper understanding.

Stop going backward. Stop dragging heavy, clunky, broken concepts and partial truths through your etheric field. Free yourself so to embrace your higher self, now. It’ll keep coming up until you can completely love and accept it, and thus complete its process. You cannot dissolve traumatic scarring with a scalpel or radiation treatment. You have to alter the field, and consequently adopt new matters forthwith. You alter the field by engaging your original substance (hint: silence), integrating all aspects of your fragmented self (you are safe; complete), and empowering your transition upward and outward from these lower vibrational states.

It’s that simple. You choose to elevate, or to stagnate. You choose to blame, defer, delay, or to dive in with uninhibited authenticity and as yet untapped courage. Worry about the world if you’re stuck in the fearful, propaganda-infused narrative, but understand that nothing significant in the world will change until you do.

Time to grow up. Step forward in renewed lightness. Be the creator.

Solvitur ambulando

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