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Faceless Accusations

Masks are a lie. Contagion is a lie. The virus doesn’t exist, and the vaccines are irrelevant.

There’s a lot of talk about freedom, liberty, and justice.

Do you genuinely know what those ideas mean?

Were you free in 2019? Did we fully exercise liberty and justice? Hell no. Inflation was on the rise. Chronic disease was on the rise. Medical fraud was on the rise. Government overreach and massive systemic corruption was on the rise.

All the pieces for an effective plandemic were coming together, and look at us now. A generation of young hearts and minds are, yet again, brainwashed to believe in wearing muzzles for their safety. The worst offenders, multinational corporations, are still enforcing mask mandates. It’s disturbing, inhumane, and destructive cult behavior. It’s trauma-based mind control.

The extreme intensity and psychosocial compression of the past two years has exposed the underbelly of widespread dysfunction, and continuing collapse of our civilization. We can be more. Not better, but more raw and more real. More honest with the real state of the world, not simply sustaining ourselves through the propaganda of state-owned legacy media, or the whims of alphabet agencies and globalist organizations via social media and Hollywood.

You need to stop being such an easy mark. You need to remember your truer essence. It’s being buried and suppressed, to the detriment of the collective.

A population dispossessed of its spiritual sovereignty can be made to believe any absurdity. They can accept without protest that night is day, black is white, slavery is freedom, poison is medicine. Even if the current official reality directly contradicts that of a month ago, the contradiction can be erased from the memories of those who look to authority for what to think.

What I mean here by spiritual sovereignty is actually fully material. It is also called “common sense.” It is common, because it is available to all. It comes from strong relationships in the material, natural, sensory, and fleshly domain. These all give us information independent of what an external authority is telling us. They anchor us in a substance more solid than the virtual reality presented us through our screens. Thus they fortify us against deceit. Gaslighting does not work on someone who trusts her perceptions.

Charles Eisenstein

Look around. It’s all fake. It’s all being held up by fishing line, decorated with facades. There’s no substance, no depth to relationships, and the foundation of all we value is crumbling rapidly.

What’s truly amusing is that the rich, and the politically-minded, think they’re getting away with something. That they’re untouchable. Oh my.

Hubris will inevitably slap anyone and everyone with a good dose of reality, sooner or later. It’s all connected.

Stop lying to yourself. This is a singular moment of massive transition, within and without.

Be afraid, terrified, and uncertain. Now, get involved, listen, and make your honest move.

Solvitur ambulando