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Grasping Sands

The pressure is mounting, or so it may seem. As they try to keep building up walls, and framing our impressive, limitless reality into strangely dark, small, dysfunctional delusions, more and more is slipping through their fingers.

There’s a broad range of synthetic evolutionary and A.I.-enhanced agendas playing out in the field today. It is both horrifying and amusing to observe. But, in the end, when I sit with it and let it flow through my conscious space without a lot of reaction or judgment, more often than not, it fizzles and fades like a silent fart.

We can view our lives, and our reality, as a grand game, or simulation. I personally consider that insulting, arrogant and disrespectful. Certainly, aspects of the world have game-like qualities, and more so if you’ve spent more hours staring at — and developing your addiction to — digital screens, rather than hiking to, staring at, hearing, feeling, smelling and getting sprayed in the face by a waterfall.

We are creator beings. The power-hungry would love nothing more than to keep us forever believing and acting otherwise. But they will fail. Their reach cannot exceed their grasp, for ours is an order of magnitude greater. Many of us do not yet know of our reach, our capability, our inherent knowing. But it is stirring.

Revolution may indeed be upon us, but not in the ways that the press, propaganda-infused films, and plainly obvious television programming would lead us to believe. They would be happy with violence, rebellion, armed conflict and bloody resistance, so to continue the cycle, to justify further impositions and escalations of emergency measures. Energy vampires thrive on psychosis, emotional turmoil, competition, polarity, division, separation and aggression. We can be more than all of that, with far less effort.

Observe, but do not absorb. Feel all the way through it, and use it as fuel to step into action. Righteous, organized, informed, heart-centered action. Start with love — self love. Remember your worth, divine your purpose, and move with gratitude and grace. Quite often it’ll seem like several steps back when one step forward took everything you had. That was a moment, and it has passed. Here, now, remember that you are just beginning to tap something deeper, more resonant, more clear and more authentic.

Yes, it requires work. Work on undoing and unlearning and liberating what lies beneath. Work on integrating everything you’ve lived, loved, won, lost, gained and discovered. Work on genuine connection and deeper communication. Your life has been guided, just as you have touched the lives of countless others. It is a unified field within which we will proceed, and within which we reclaim our relationship to the future, the earth, and our presence.

What is real, and what is true? I leave it to you.

Solvitur ambulando