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Imaginary Lines

The borders we define between our family around the world need to be transcended, and erased — at least insofar as they delineate separation in made-up economy, product, and competition. Politics, world banks, debt and wargames are utterly irrelevant; cultures, values, languages, community, wisdom and the arts will always be our true substance.

Sure, I am an idealist, but it is inherent in all of us, respectively. No one shows up here without something to aspire to, and something to contribute. More importantly, we know absolutely, that no human requires anything different from another to subsist — not only to survive, but to be safe, open, and free to pursue their highest, creative self.

Below are summaries, rough ideas, observations, and tip-of-the-iceberg notions. It’s all about thinking beyond the litter box, questioning everything you accept, and following through with ideas and inspirations you are already having. Step it up:

  • There is enough food and water wasted daily by industry and Western societies to feed everyone, ten times over. We do not need mass food production and disgusting, violent, inhumane practices to feed ourselves. Think local. Think close to home. Think community; hunger is a lie.
  • There are enough skilled, creative, resourceful people to design and build free shelters, relevant and adequate to any climate or location someone chooses to live. There are countless acres of defunct, wasted space (and materials) in and near cities that could be creatively reconfigured, remodeled, and reclaimed to house everyone, regardless of income. There are millions of souls who would love to learn how to help you help them build their home; homelessness, rent and mortgages are a lie.
  • There is enough information and training available now, at no cost, to learn anything. There are millions of souls who would be happy to teach, tutor and train for free; lack of access to education (and not simply indoctrination) is a lie.
  • Our planet and our sun — in abundant forces seen and unseen — provide us everything we need. EVERYTHING, without RAPING it when unconscious practices, profit, greed, and general stupidity are no longer in the picture; the wasteful business and control of energy, fuel, and electricity is a lie.
  • There are enough opportunities and oases for everyone to feel useful, valuable, meaningful, purposeful, accepted, safe and validated in their chosen lifestyle, aspirations, spirituality, and ikigai; ennui, apathy, boredom, and competition are a lie.

These concerns, and there are many more, of course. I only know my perspective and experience, desperate to speak to you, the other parts of me — from me, another part of you. But I know we are deeply restless for the next, the more, the empowering, and the ultimate resonance. We are at the crossroads, massively. We are terrified to let go of the safe, familiar, yet broken. But as we step forward together, in the knowing, trusting, authentic space of love and community, there are no longer imaginary lines, and no boundaries.

We are THAT.

Solvitur ambulando
Love your life