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Indi; divide; dualist… What a word. What a language. Properly, in-divid-u-al; indivisible — a Latin creation, from individualis/individu. I see it as a play on ideas within itself; the singular practising the dichotomy; one encompassing two.

We exist in a reality based on contrast, and we can easily be misdirected by the idea of this or that instead of the greater truth of this and that. One construct cannot exist or even be conceived of without the potential emergence of the other — even if it manifests only in the imagination…

Then the question is, what is indivisible? Science is now dancing with the idea that our universe is the result of one, single, photon. Our brains can’t compute that; our presence is so scattered and fragmented that these concepts simply cannot equate. There are bills to pay, etc.

What really matters? What is matter, really? What is genuinely worth our focus, fretting over, and concern? What is love? Why do I love? Who am I? Why am I?

Who is asking the question?

Existentialist humor, but I doubt if the universe takes itself so seriously. All-of-life is beyond trivialities such as words and definitions and control mechanisms. I think we could benefit from letting go of the need to control more often; how can life be anything but supportive to all aspects of you — all desires, all dimensions, all realities and storylines; all the variables that amount to who you are right here, right now…?

Life is for you. Life is by and made of you. Life is a coalescent juice that love abides, freely. We are that infinity, the lightness, and all the space between.

Remember your divinity, now and then…

Solvitur ambulando