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Inversion Therapy

Police services stand for the illusion of maintaining peace and order. Protesters stand for the illusion of rights and freedoms. Health ministers stand for the illusion of stopping pandemics, and the illusion of preventing disease. Politicians stand for the illusion of democracy and representing the needs of the people.

It’s all inverted and upside down. At every moment, a lie is required to maintain the illusion. A distortion makes it seem real. An emotional response gives it depth and meaning.


But what are we really doing here? What really matters? What is true?

Very little, it seems. If everything we ascribe meaning to requires a sales pitch, it’s founded on illusion. The fog and confusion leads us astray more often than we’d like to admit. And life is racing past with no concern as to how we choose to live it.

So perhaps that’s all there is: choice.

Solvitur ambulando