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Be a (Hu)man. 

There’s a vast cloud and haze of confusion around the ideas of what being a man, or being a woman is today.

From my perspective, we’re being pelted from a thousand different angles with all sorts of pressures that heretofore didn’t exist (arguably, we’re also being offered methods of ease, grace, and enlightenment, that weren’t so available before . . . but I digress). We are evolving through tremendous forces of upheaval on many levels; spiritually, emotionally, physically, and certainly cognitively. In one light, we see our world, and some of the shitstorm that exists, and have put it upon ourselves (well, maybe not all of us) to change things. And, the first step, is to not repeat the plethora of mistakes and stupidity of those who came before. Specifically, our parents, and their parents before them . . . And so on.

We are operating at an increasing level of consciousness, that quite simply, neither affords, nor allows us the ignorance, nor the time to get away with it. Everything is moving just a little faster. Changes are happening a little faster. Truth, authenticity, and transparency are paramount. And, underneath it all, we’re grappling with the now super-powerful notion, that by changing ourselves, the outer world will reflect that change . . . it’s that hidden power, that rules them all.

Side note, or totally off topic, but related: have you noticed how the body can be much more malleable these days? And that we need less food? Those training can see massive results in days, instead of weeks, in weeks instead of months. Any good athlete understands the power of the mind, but what conscious awareness offers, is nothing less than total control, by way of intention, focus, and vibration. We can and do affect our DNA. We can and do affect our genes. If our bodies can build muscle and train, simply by us sitting in a chair and imagining it, observe your true potential.

And so, blending some of the old, and perhaps primal instincts into the mix, stuff gets a bit convoluted. And relationships, especially intimate ones, are in a state of chaos.

Psychologically, and emotionally, there is an immense power struggle. Women are still battling for equality, while some are jumping full-on into being a man, figuratively. Men are reintegrating the feminine, and still rarely capable of stating their needs, yet crying at Star Wars. The ideas of gender, and the roles therein, are as divisive as ever (within, and without), as we fumble forward, looking for balance and deeper understanding of each other, and why we do what we do. It’s more important than ever to exercise patience and kindness.

The challenge of sloughing off the many layers of karmic residue, and outdated, dysfunctional beliefs and behaviors, is a process. Be easy. Be aware. Be open. It’s not necessarily “wrong” or broken, but it is an opportunity. Let your feelings be your guide, but understand that they, too, are just information, not the whole picture.

Now, these are my observations. I don’t intend to oversimplify, or generalize. My intent is to raise awareness, and to invite us all to be a little more lucid in the day-to-day of being human; to think and act beyond established norms; to question some of our motivations . . . To elevate!

What is strength? What is character? What is heart-centered intelligence? What is spiritual friendship? What is soulmate love? What is purpose, and what is service?

Love your life,