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Most Needed

I go where I am most needed.

I am no martyr, nor a victim. But I have suffered for it, inasmuch as my capacity to grasp the bigger picture is possible in the moment. I have triumphed and overcome, grown through and been undone. That, I’ve learned, is crucial to the integrity of the process and utterly unavoidable.

I don’t plan it, but wherever I go, things get better. I am grateful, even if it has at times been remarkably lonely to be there.

I am where I may be most aligned with the moment, with my truth, and with my heart, though those aspects and conditions aren’t necessarily evident nor accessible to me until much later.

I go where I am most needed.

It may be for a day, a week, or several years…lifetimes within this one life. But it happens naturally; it is the way of things in this world, this bewildering, awesome Earthly existence. Life moves ever onward, regardless of our intentions, though never in spite of them; She asks when we’re ready, and never leaves us behind. Growth and expansion is the name of the game.

I be and do where I am, and the myriad mixed skills and abilities that have arisen by way of seemingly ordinary or disjointed life experiences are suddenly useful. It isn’t a career, but it is time well spent. To strive for mastery, is to enjoy deeper fulfilment in the achieving, understanding, giving and application of these frequent, diverse and utile universal bequeathments; as I better myself, I better my…betterment.

I go where I am most needed. I am grateful.

Solvitur ambulando