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Pain is Learning. Love is Wisdom.

It’s not easy to trust someone with your pain. Nor is it worthwhile trying to convince someone to trust you with theirs.

These things take time. Often, we choose to jump to negative conclusions when we don’t understand or interpret well the actions of those we care about. In these times, more than others, it’s good to simply trust your friend, and be easy.

We think too much and require too much validation. Love and healing require a greater presence. Trust and deeper communication require patience and discovery. We’re too rushed in our society and it infects all things sacred.

You can’t erect walls on a freshly poured foundation. If you pour it in winter, or the rain, it’ll take even longer to set. So what? What’s the hurry? We are so addicted to instant and immediate gratification that we’re numb to the journey and necessary silences. We rely on schedules and rigmarole but these effects are moot in the timeless art of knowing ourselves and finding ourselves in our loved ones. Desperation has no place in holding space.

If we profess to be wholeness seekers, we cannot discount any part of our story, nor can we presume to fill in the gaps of their story either.

Don’t just scan or skim through. The foreword colors, the synopsis whets, but the substance is hidden throughout the book. Take your time with it. Read, live, pause, reflect, live, read . . .

Solvitur ambulando

Love your life