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Savor the Moment

In all we venture out to do in a lifetime, we will stray time and again away from our original substance. We do this to add color to the annals of timeless memory, and to explore nuances, themes, emotions, and the many aspects of the human experience.

But we always, always, return home.

We are always safe, ultimately. The substance that persists is not a construct nor an abstraction. It is an absolute, and we can remember our origins whenever we choose. Most will do so after a transition from the physical form, which is the simpler way, traditionally, yet it is at our disposal here, now, in this eternal moment. Always.

There are no victims here. Savor the moment, in whatever form it seems to be. Surrender to love, and know you are more than the eyes can perceive, and beyond the mind’s cognition.

Solvitur ambulando

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