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Summon the Winds

We are always capable of fundamental shifts within ourselves, be they instant, or long term, slow burns.

The physics of it is in the brain, as noted in my last post. Put simply, and physically, our neural pathways form and solidify based on what we practice the most. As a belief is a thought we keep repeating, a habit of being and doing engrains itself into our very body.

This might shed some light on the difficulty we face when choosing new directions in life. We’ve done the work and recognized an ineffective, or limiting idea, and the awareness of it creates a new path — quite literally. The challenge is the follow-through. The choice is made, now we need to persist and push, at first, so it can develop into not only a path, but a pavement, with sidewalks, lights, and even a bus lane.

But those old pathways are resistant (or persistent, safe) bastards. There’s been so much energy flowing there for so long, they won’t easily give up and let go. Our ego takes pride in those accomplishments! Who the hell do you think you are, upsetting the balance like this? It’s normal to be afraid of that. It’s normal to have doubts about this. It’s normal to hate this, or judge that; to avoid this, and to fight that.

This is the beauty of our complex nature, and this place we inhabit. There is more to this than psychology. The science can illuminate the process, and express the intricacies, in tangible ways — to a degree — but we mustn’t discount our core strengths, that exist outside the matrix.

All those age-old neural pathways, axons and myelin, are subject to our intentions. Of course, at our current state of evolution, the chemistry of it is certainly, in part, subject to the chemistry of what we put in (food), and of that which we live in (environment). Much of the established mechanics develop in childhood. We glean and internalize from the behavior of our parents, friends, family, and all sorts of other influences. We take lessons, learn languages, play sports, climb trees, read books, write books, tell stories, or . . . stare at tablets and “smart” phones. Everything informs our machine, and those elements that stick, affect us permanently.

Until they don’t.

Awareness is key. Vibration is key. The consciousness behind it all is awash with potentiality. The universe is always, ever, anticipating. Perpetual excitation abounds, and it is ours to tap into on a whim. But it takes courage to step outside our own framework, and trust to be open, and love to understand.

The brain in our head is a fantastic machine. The brain in our hearts, is perhaps, more important. Where do you feel it when you’re “heartbroken”? Or when you’re missing someone, in love, embarrassed, excited, anxious, terrified? Middle of the chest.

Imagine what we are capable of when these two brains are in sync. What if we deferred a little more often to the heart, to our core and our truth? Might it be easier to affect those pesky neurons and dendrites?

Something to think about.

Love your life,