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The Freedom Convoy

“The Freedom Convoy is proving to be the most effective protest the world has seen in over a decade. The best part about it is that any action taken against these decent truckers spurs more support for their cause.”

During this epochal, empowering moment, there is a lot of fear, doubt, cynicism, and trepidation surfacing. That’s understandable. Two years of traumatic psychosocial experimentation, and lingering mass psychosis, take their toll. Be patient. Be aware.

Remember compassion. Especially for yourself. Bring your breath home, and settle your heart.

Look around and see millions of souls all over the world standing up all at once to enforce and embolden a sea change; to expose the cowardly, greedy, scheming few, to stand up for what is right, to shine a light on what is real, and what must be now understood and condemned as false.

We will not forget. It’s a declaration that says that those who were complicit, and who still continue to perpetuate the lies, the misdirections, and the machinations of unacceptable authoritarian measures, shall be held accountable. It says, too, that we will endeavor to be more responsible, discerning, engaged, and vigilant in the future.

This can never happen again. We cannot even begin to imagine to what extent the damage has already been done.

So, we simplify. We start with a Freedom Convoy. We observe the gathering, the catalyst, and the outpouring of love and support. We were never alone.

Stand up.