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The Great Hack

Oh, how we’re so desperate to just . . . get there already. Is there any quicker way to simply bypass all the noise, all the effort, and to feel complete, right now?

Of course there is, but we don’t include the deep truths of the universe in our schooling and our educational systems. We don’t preach about it from the pulpits, and we don’t believe it much if it’s written in non-fiction novels.

We don’t own the rights to “these challenging times”. Every generation has their version of it, and you can likely find some variation on the theme going back hundreds of thousands of years. Thus, it has to be part of our DNA, and integral to the very make-up of this world, this reality, and these strange timelines.

Our perceptions will keep failing us if we keep filtering them through undigested and unexamined psychological, philosophical, spiritual, karmic, and otherwise energetic baggage. What if we decided to simply stop the cycle? What if we decided to go deep and make a concerted effort to catch the really long ball? Are we at the point of the “hail Mary” pass yet? Aren’t we needing something completely different than that from which we keep creating this persistent iniquity and madness?

It’s not that we’re not capable of revolutionary and fundamentally expanded understanding and behavior. It’s just that we allow the scripts and old stories to overrule our sensitivities and demand and sap our psychic attention. We allow subjectivity to dilute our cosmic potential at every turn, and wonder why the unease and quiet desperation never, ever subsides.

Hatred, inequality, racism, sexism, and ignorance are generations in the making. We keep trying to fix today’s problems with bandages, while what’s under the skin goes back centuries, or more. Our world’s problems have to be approached in multi-dimensional methods, considering the whole tree, not simply one branch, and not simply in one season. Systemic problems require a patience, broad perspectives, and the counsel of many. It requires a communication that doesn’t exist in the mainstream, nor on social media.

I don’t know how, or if, it’s possible, given the climate of today’s hypersensitive collective psychology, but I know it’s essential. There are certainly a lot of us talking about it, tweeting about it, blogging and podcasting about it. The elevated consciousness is here, now, but the modalities, methodologies, and the particulars are still being sorted out. There’s no great hack to expedite the complexity of the human condition. There’s no escaping our responsibility to make the change, for here, now, defines who we choose to be and to become.

Solvitur ambulando

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