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The Waking Life

We invariably spend years building up the emotional dross, fumbling through existential struggle in frustrating search of a semblance of acuity in vision and mind. Or, our arrogance transports us blindly for a time, rowing with presumptions and bold declarations, pretending not to be infected with entitlement on this shaky, tossed-about whitewater raft.

The inner pendulum swings often, sometimes to polar extremes. Nevertheless, we’re typically instructed to numb it or dumb it or otherwise compartmentalize it, through trauma, or training. Slowly, with or without conscious effort, impressive stores of comebacks and knee-jerk defenses collect. Rationalizations and moral justifications and polarity set up shop and design their own epic filing system.

We undoubtedly think mental toughness is a real thing, while its construction of glass and other brittle, recycled materials goes unnoticed. Ultimately, the scale can’t hold itself in limbo, and the fragile structures topple.

If we’re fortunate, we’re engaged in waking life, instead of the practiced reliance on the etheric snooze button. Or perhaps we’ve always heeded the gentle guidance of heart impulses, intuitive nudges, inherent knowing, and uncommon sense. These extraordinary things invariably serve to broaden philosophical perspective and undoubtedly allow an unphased countenance to prevail: level heads, open hearts, inspired action.

No victims or martyrs, rather, elevated integrity, love-infused process, and ideological preference of the natural, flowing form — rather than violence and force, control and deliberate manipulation. We are so much more…

When the duty falls upon us to heal, awaken and elevate, it’ll take time and a gentle patience not often practiced. It is the call for an unbridled presence. The hardening of ideas, beliefs, hurts, and harms can be lived in condensed forms as aches and blocks in our bodies. We have to be easy on ourselves to come out of the calcification and unraveling. We have to be easy on ourselves to even allow the organic process to begin.

Solvitur ambulando
Love your life