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Universal basic income is an essential evolution in the societies of industrialized nations; it’s a natural step toward alleviating the citizenry of a persistent, debilitating scarcity mindset. This is evidenced by the increasing awareness of and currently sporadic experimental implementation of it.

An unconditional, guaranteed basic income enables a systemic, economic, and consciousness shift. It allows for positive momentum toward self-actualization, and it feeds the spirit of a culture with a measurable, necessary ease and lightness.

Powerlessness has at least a partial remedy. Equality has an immediate, foundational, revolutionary solution.

We can no longer afford to delay in the implementation of UBI. Our transition away from all things money-centric will only be possible once the pressures of basic living standards are universal, consistent, and adequate.

Our awakening human collective demands a next-level consciousness, and the foundation of the spiritual elevation is, for the moment, significantly based on fiscal (and thus materialistic) liberation.

Solvitur ambulando

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