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What is COVID?

I thank Randy Hillier, Independent MPP, for sharing the video that inspired this post:

It’s difficult these days to suppress or undo the conditioning resulting from the endless barrage of negative, triggering media spin regarding this particular coronavirus. After nine months, many have settled in, if not in an emotionally unsettled fashion. Most of us know something is fishy about all this, but won’t dare say or do anything in public about it. That in itself is an indicator of the systemic, social problems facing us today.

As for myself, I have to share this kind of material, even if only to my tiny audience. I have to trust the impulse that has been with me since I emerged from the womb; it is for the awakening, conscious elevation, and permanent upliftment of the human collective that I toil in my humble ways. It’s been an interesting ride.

Facts and evidence are readily flagged, censored and deleted now, supplanted by the coordinated, global narrative. That’s fine, perhaps, as these social media giants may be no more within six months. The same goes for mainstream news media, who are all complicit in outright criminal activities across the world. So be it. There is adequate rope for them all to hang themselves. These are times of necessarily great change, and not of any fucking “reset”.

The real question is, what are you doing? Who are you being? If living your life is your message, your example, and your legacy, are you living in such a way that will benefit you and your future generations? Are you hoping that getting in line with your sleeve rolled up, donning a mask, and praying this will all blow over will be enough?

How about next time?

It doesn’t matter to me. I can only live by my truth, and that is always subject to change. I will continue to go everywhere I go, meet your eyes, smile and say hello — even if sometimes I am fucking furious with what has become of us. This current, this river of chaos and confusion is indicative of an enormous energetic, spiritual shift, and I believe we’ll be far better for it.

This moment in history will be recorded somewhere, preferably by an impartial pen. What kind of story shall they be referencing?

Solvitur ambulando

Your thoughts?