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What Persists Exists

You can read all the books you want, go to seminars, workshops, retreats, show up weekly at temples and houses of worship, and never know who you really are. You probably aren’t even really there when you do these things. Thus, your past remains your present.

Most of us pretend and feign interest and concern in order to conform and fit in, or to keep the peace, for that’s the only way to feel safe, sort of. Most of us see words and symbols, but don’t know how we’re being programmed and misled from our youngest of days.

If lies are required to live your life, everything in your life is a lie.

We don’t engage in any meaningful conversations. We argue, troll, insult, and shut down any mature discourse for the sake of likes and laughs, while broadcasting our sheer arrogance, ignorance, and general stupidity.

We don’t want resolution. We desperately want to feel something… Anything! If we can vent at someone based on something we’ve taken completely out of context, based on something we know little or nothing about—or claim to be experts about, then we must!

Because that’s safe. That’s my feed. That’s my right.

No, sorry. You’re just proving my point. You’re letting the game play you, and you’re being made the willing fool.

We’ve been repeatedly broken, and we’ve been conditioned to rely on the poison drip. The more we choose to feast on mainstream media, the (medical, military, marketing, educational) industrial complexes and their psychotic, mechanistic offerings, the more we invite continued sickness, imbalance, psychopathy, sociopathy, and dysfunction.

Shake yourself awake. Change it up and terrify yourself out of numbing routine. Recalibrate to your soul’s music. You’ll find it alongside your heartbeat.

Are you persistently practicing your own, life-affirming, heart-centered rituals and love-based activities? Are you tapping into your joys and expressing your creative desires? Are you helping others to do the same? Are you fostering discernment, clarity, passion, vulnerability, and authenticity? Do you even know what those things mean?

You don’t. You’ve been lazy, and they’ve taken advantage of it. You need to snap out of it. You don’t get these days and years back, to try again. Try now. Dare greatly. Act on impulse and fuck things up, so you can summon that child-like laughter that’s essential in reminding yourself not to take this life stuff too seriously.

Reclaim your everyday. There are no ordinary moments.

Solvitur ambulando

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