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When Profits are Prolific

Don’t let it sink in. Let it slap you in the face repeatedly. Let it shock you awake. One of the biggest lies ever told is still playing out after two years. As a society, and a civilization, we are not thriving because of the nonsensical stupidity of the world’s governments. In general, we’re exhausted, exasperated, angry, turning on each other, and letting the parasites win.


Let this silly little post remind you that you are being lied to every day, from multiple and varying directions. You’ve been lied to all your life, especially regarding medicine, and the medical cartel. You probably aren’t even aware of how persistent and widespread their influences have become.

But the evidence is everywhere, if you’re willing to shut up and have a good look.

Every aspect of our modern society has been in some way distorted or poisoned by their hands. They attack us on our looks and appearances, our diet and food, our relationships, our sexuality, our spirituality, our minds and emotions, and, of course, our biochemistry.

They’ve convinced billions of us that we’re prone to sickness, weakness, disease, aging, deterioration, and premature death. They’ve profited from all angles. It doesn’t matter how poorly a treatment makes you feel, or even if it kills you. Protocols are protocols, and when you have an entire industry trained and indoctrinated by the pushers of pills and pharmaceuticals, you’ve got a major problem.

It’s time. Stand up. It’s your body. Your life. Your now.