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you don’t know me

if you’re thinking you’ll get to know someone by their social media feeds, you’re dreaming. i avoid filtering my little rants and shares as much as possible, because i learn from and relate most to others who do the same; less bullshit is better for the spiritual economy.

it’s amusing, and somewhat frustrating, when someone thinks they get me, or understands my perspective on something, based on a few fragmented conversations, or one blog post, one photograph, one strongly worded tweet, or one phonecall.

that’s just lazy.

we all have conscious and unconscious filters. it depends on the circumstance, the company we’re with, what our intentions may be with them, how we best express ourselves (i tend to favor the written word) and other variables we may not consider in the moment.

we all have values, opinions, beliefs and unresolved traumas that influence our creations and expressions. we all have half-baked notions that we’re just testing out in the open, not actually having a solid bias either way at all, yet.

all meaningful relationships take time. most people aren’t around others long or often enough to have a proper clue who someone is, really. how did we feel on the day? have we slept much in the last weeks? have we had too much coffee? are we just being clever, or flirty, or sarcastic, or nervous, or anxious?

worthwhile, quality connections require a foundation to stand on, and these days, we’re quite comfortable judging first, making sweeping assumptions, and maybe, if we can be arsed, giving them another chance later… but probably not. they’re put squarely in… this pile.

granted, some will deserve to end up there.

patience, listening, engaging, empathy, compassion, curiosity, teaching, learning. it starts at home, and within our own shifty, evolving, evaluating, creative self. if we’re practiced being our own worst enemies, it ain’t gonna reflect out into the world any better… not in any authentic way.

solvitur ambulando

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