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being yourselfish

“in a world that’s always trying to make you something else…”

really? who can you be, but yourself? this IS your life, unfolding. the “world” is offering choices and reflections within a certain perceived framework….

you are good

life will always build bridges and roads from you, to you; you can venture far into the depths or across time and dimension, yet upon arriving (or returning?) there again you find more of you. now, you see more. “You are good when you are one with yourself. Yet when you are not one with…

dissipating the fog

it surrounds
stays so close

familiar yet

unpredictable and turbulent

there’s a phrase, or variation of such, that’s popular nowadays. something along the lines of “…in these unpredictable and turbulent times…” frequently uttered within range of, and with regards to peaceful practices, mindfulness, meditation, standing up for what we believe in, and other supposedly original ideas. does every generation have their underlying, perpetual, victim-state belief…

out in the open

it’s worth wearing your heart on your sleeve, courageously. the notion stems from chivalry, and knighthood, from Shakespeare and Othello, and like any idiom, adapts to us in our own perceptions and cultures, and meanings, reborn and reborn again as language evolves. emotion is ever-present, and beyond language. feeling is risk. vulnerability is not weakness….