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Trance Blackman Posts

Why You’ll Follow the Herd

In order to be as predictable as a politician, you have to go through life with your head down, obeying and abiding by what others tell you to do, and to be a good little boy or girl. Unfortunately, this means that as an adult, you may have a lot of work to do because this kind of behavior is destructive, both to yourself and to those around you. You have no idea who you are, what you want, or why you’re even here. You may not even be willing to question your motivations or dig into the reasons for your blind obedience to external authorities. Not good enough.

Dismantling the Shadows: Learning the Truth

The realm in which we live offers us an enormous amount of programming and conditioning that can impede and stifle our progress in life. At every turn, you may encounter new and more deceptive traps that will lead you away from your source of innate knowledge and wisdom. However, the path of truth is always present, as one cannot exist without the other. Do you accept their offer, or do you rise above?

The Rules of the Realm

We live in a realm where the worst of us can explore, experiment, and express their worst traits and character weaknesses — on themselves or, more often, on others. In fact, the only kind of “sin” that exists is that which occurs between humans. You may believe in and be concerned about concepts such as karma, soul contracts, and other ephemeral ways to attach yourself to others, but those who adopt and live by dark elements almost certainly do not.

Climate Change: The Ultimate Creative Outlet

As you may be aware, I am not a supporter of climate change alarmism, nor do I believe there is a climate emergency. In my mind, it is one grand hoax. These are not the end times for our world; we’re not anywhere near the “11th hour,” the ice isn’t melting, the oceans aren’t rising, and, no, not everything is going up in smoke (and as a reminder, arson is not wildfire). That said, I care deeply about this wonderful and remarkable place we currently inhabit, and I care deeply about my fellow humans, and I absolutely agree that we can do far better regarding our stewardship of this realm and the ways and means we go about its resource management.