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Trance Blackman Posts

We Should

So, what is truly broken about our perceptual and experiential lens? What element is missing from our formulaic ideas and reality perceptions? What factor in the Life equation propels us so easily and effectively toward misguided and maligned expectations, intentions, and imaginations?

Mamas and the Trans Trance

In my opinion, and I understand that this is a contentious issue in this day and age, the most important thing for women to be in life is mothers. Not all women, of course. Why? Simply put, it is critical to the health, survival, and proliferation of the human species — unless you believe in the lies of climate alarmism or population control, the “threat” of A.I. or transhumanism, malignant transgenderism, or a variety of other pseudoscientific nonsense.

A Dearth of the Real on Earth

This morning it’s raining, which makes me chuckle, as a few weeks ago my landlord was saying something along the lines of, “I wonder how bad this drought might get.” Which made me ask, “What drought?” He said, “They’ve been talking about how dry it might get this year.” To which I responded, frowning, “Sounds like they’ve been watching too much TV.”

Citizenship is a Choice

You’ve always got options. The world today practically demands you think outside the borders you and/or your children may have been born into. The covid FRAUD and other recent and ongoing hoaxes (OMG, CLIMATE!!! OMG, DEI!!! OMG, GENITALS!!! OMG, ZOMBIE CHICKENS!!!) should hopefully have challenged or rightly snapped your tired, distracted, or complacent mind out of any notion that your government truly has your best interests at heart. Good grief.