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We can get so turned around in life that we fear losing shitty relationships, shitty jobs, and shitty habits. The small story can get so convoluted that we believe when someone says “that’s life,” they are in fact saying, “that’s all there is to life…” This is so far from the truth it hurts to proofread it.

There are two aspects to homeostasis: one is that given the right environment, our body can and will return to a natural, healthy, harmonious state—so, too, with our mind, and spirit. We have trillions of conscious, intelligent cells and functions within us that desire not only to keep us alive, but thriving. This is but one reason to eat less, eat less garbage food products and manufactured shit, and eat more nature; Earth is our home. It provides ALL, and asks for nothing but love.

The second aspect of homeostasis is the unfortunate reality that we have a default setting, default parameters, and we exist primarily within these established, largely subconscious parameters—most of which were formed very early in life. We can have a peak experience—feel expanded, informed, stretched and excited—but until and unless we decide 100% to be this upgraded, seemingly committed self, we will fade back into the small story. We will bore easily, addicted to the revelatory and novel. We will revert to the way our cells and functions have been behaving for most of our lives.

Realize your power in all this. This isn’t an excuse for whining, shying away, deferring, ever more self-reproach, or giving in to someone else’s lame ideas of what your life can be. Step it up. Need I remind you that you are an infinite, sovereign spiritual being?

Infinite. Divine. Creator being. Cosmic magician. Dancer of the Light. Yoda.

In this life, we will likely have to commit, and recommit, a thousand times, to ourselves. We’ll have to destroy and rebuild boundaries. We’ll have to go through emotional hell time and again—to both understand the nature of how we are the only ones who can create, devise and maintain the idea of “hell” as it only ever exists in the minds of man, and, to create for ourselves our own personal school of resolve, recapitulation and resiliency.

You simply can’t be 98% committed. That’s bullshit, and your higher self knows it. “No worries, mate. We’ll wait. Enjoy the crazy times.” These days, we’re too accustomed to “but, what if…” scenarios, and FOMO, and other prevalent psychological infantilism and adolescence. It’s time to drop the “but”.

What if you stayed true to your course, your authenticity for the rest of your life? What if you decided that peace, love, health, community, family, travel, excitement, curiosity, wonder, self-mastery, freedom, enlightenment and unbridled passion were more important than anyone’s opinion? Especially that of the small, scared, you that you used to be?

Solvitur ambulando

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