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You’ll Be the Judge

Regardless of what others think, say or do, ultimately, we are the only ones that can and do judge ourselves.

We choose to believe, apply, or allow the extrinsic criticisms and judgments to intrude on our process, and to overlay and color our choices in the moment. We give their words and perspectives meaning, or not.

Similarly, when we judge or criticize another, we judge and criticize ourselves. You can feel this in the moment, even as the thoughts or words are formulating. Life is a dynamic, flowing exposition of reflection and attraction, with billions of data points every millisecond, affording us perpetual information streams with which to direct our focus and intent. This grand game is completely at our whim were we to stand fully present in our divine will and creative origins, disencumbered by the materialism of our attachments.

Yet, we choose to remain small, afraid, and worried about judgment and death—because we never truly learned how to live, and wish we could defer responsibility for our soul’s expression to another.

When one remembers that even the flesh may be immortalized, the calamity of trivial worldly concerns should rightly be summarily distinguished from our consciousness. Utilize the physics, mechanics and science of this creative space, but never lose or forget yourself within its limitations.

Your judgments, criticisms, projections and defensiveness are opportunities for learning, expansion and growth. Resistance, is just that. Yours is a locus of cosmic creation and awaits your activation, your engagement, and your openness to what exists beyond what you think you’ve always known.

It requires a lot of energy to maintain negativity, and for most of us, it remains one of the easiest cards to play, over and over again. Release, surrender, and deliberately choosing gratitude and an elevated perspective, gives you back to your self. You’re free to choose differently. You’re free, period.

Solvitur ambulando