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Trance Blackman is an independent singer-songwriter, musician, and producer.

His genre-blending music explore life’s contrasts, inspirations, and challenges. He’s passionate about shaking up and waking up hearts and minds, daring listeners to look behind the veil of this earthly game; it’s about remembering our greater story, personally and collectively, shattering illusions and delusions, and transcending petty, divisive, broken, spirit-crushing ideas.

Every generation has its hurdles and obstacles, so the journey toward social and cultural harmony will likely never end. One lifetime is never enough. Conscious music is the translational expressive medium that bridges divides. The arts, all art forms, are essential to the vastly expressionistic and emotional human experience. I hope my contributions and creations add to that timeless, ever-evolving library.

Trance grew up in the ’80s and ’90s, thus his music has been influenced by the likes of U2, Phil Collins, ABBA, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Moby, and more recently, Muse. The list is long and diverse. Traditional and popular European music was heavily influential. The always-powerful music of Elvis Presley was also a constant presence in the household.

Stylistically, he favors vocal harmonies with catchy melodies, often blending genres including rock, pop, electronica, dance, acoustic, ambient, and cinematic.

You can find Trance’s music at most popular outlets: Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer and others.

His complete discography on Bandcamp features all currently available releases.

Music is life.