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Saturday, December 27th, 2014

P1000619there’s no apprehension
or holding back
no fear of rejection
or losing track
there’s a trusting
and a knowing
a feeling
not a word
an elegant subscription
from a heartbeat
faces in the rain
remember the song
when two hearts unite
apart for so long
a resonance of kind
borne of love’s simplicity
and stillness of the mind

love your life,

A Fool Such As I

Trance Blackman – A Fool Such As I (Elvis Presley Cover)

When You Step Into Your Power

Saturday, December 27th, 2014

P1030453-1when you step into your power
you are a plane at cruising altitude
effortless ease
and joyful attitude
athletic finesse
and even at rest
your beneficence echoes
and resonates
in the hearts
of billions…
the power is energy
the energy is love
the love
is real.

love your life,

The Situation

Locus in Quo

Sunday, July 6th, 2014


or, in rerum natura

there is no empty space – not in physical reality. we create the perception of time, and room to move and experience individuality, but there is no real distance between “this” and “that”.

those born with, or who have chosen to develop abilities and sensitivities to energies see and feel it: people and objects are condensed, focused energy, each having and emitting unique spectra and frequency ranges. thoughts, feelings, emotions all reverberate within, and of course, without… thus every being crosses paths, interacts, and communicates with one another, regardless of physical distance or contact.

think about it. imagine it. can you see how those you choose to “spend your time” with the most would influence who you are? do you see how that which you focus on is what you will attract to yourself? does it shed light on the real power of awareness and conscious co-creation? how about school, work, and play?

we are all sovereign, individuated spirits, but we can and do allow others to influence and impact our stories, one lifetime to the next. it’s the very essence of this place we inhabit. what we tend to forget is that, ultimately, we are safe from harm, and really, never apart from the infinite. consciousness allows for a myriad of means to express our intent.

recognize your ability to really get into the palette of this scenery. understand that your breath is alive, shared with all of the Earth. your thoughts are creation, and your beliefs are proof. your feelings are elemental energy in motion, dancing in constant resonance with all that is around you – seen and unseen, heard and unheard, perceived and conceptualized.

sing the song of your heart, and know it sings to us all.

love your life,

My World