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All the issues and concerns we have in a lifetime arise from a concatenation (linked events, ideas, concepts, experiences) of innumerable moments and happenings. Nothing occurs because of one detail, as every second of living encompasses billions of nuances we could never quantify.

But what we see in front of us, we want to control or understand, to explain or make sense of. The problem therein is the premise is flawed, and the logic is far too simplified. The weight issue is not a weight issue. The depression isn’t about depression. The financial challenges aren’t about finances. On and on, we typically see the symptoms of a thing, assuming the thing itself provides a clue as to the remedy.

This is backwards, or course.

Weight presents itself in an obvious fashion, but is it an emotional issue, is it a spiritual issue, a psychosomatic issue, cultural, chemical or hormonal? Is it all of the above? Dieting may help to shed some pounds, but it fixes nothing. If you’re in your 30s, 40s or 50s, your body has had decades to result in what you move around within on a daily basis. Reversing the damage and transitioning into your ideal shape could and should take several years, during which time if you want to truly and permanently address the problem, you’ll act and think and believe in a wholistic manner, not simply hiring a damn dietician and adhering to an asinine dietary, likely reductionist and entirely dismal regimen.

Love your body.

Depression is the opposite of fulfilment and joy, and usually a result of being stuck in the past. Why do you choose to suffer? Guilt, shame, resentment? Fear, blame, powerlessness? They’re all related. They’re all stories from a time when you were an entirely different being. Might it be time to let those stories die? Are you afraid of death? Your identity sure is, which is likely the reason you hide your power in a disassociated fashion away from the now, buried in old luggage.

Money is an idea. It is neutral. It is flow, as the name “currency” suggests. There is no limit to it in the world, and though the greater systems within which we toil and experience may always be volatile and changeable, our personal journey doesn’t need to be so. No matter how we decide to create and produce and engage abundance, we must diversify. We give too much power to ideas, and defer responsibility to those whom we presume have figured out the game. We devalue ourselves every time we reaffirm the idea that earning and prospering and truly being in the joy of service is, or needs to be difficult. Could that belief be damning your flow? Might you be worried about repeating the mistakes of your parents? Are you giving too much credence to the doubting voices within, or without?

You are more powerful than you know. Think deeply on that. Invest yourself into that. Bring all of your pieces from the past and future back into the now.

Solvitur ambulando