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Just Drop It

You have thought that particular series of thoughts a million times, maybe more. Drop it. Let the river wash it away. Never give it another moment of your time, nor another erg of your life’s energy. 

Begin something new, strange and uncomfortable. Open up a crack in your reality that allows the truth of who you are to emerge. Introduce unto this wanting world something fundamental and authentic. Let go of the need to compromise. You’ve played that joker card to death — and it is propelling you toward your own. A new chapter is unfolding, and it is your duty to step into a greater version of yourself.

Just drop it. It’s that simple. Breathe through the discomfort; weep; shudder in nervous anticipation, wide-eyed and terrified. Reclaim your life. Reinstate your creatorship. Realign your parameters. Drop the façade — the infernal construct derived entirely of someone else’s limits and adopted impositions. 

You are not them, nor their values, worries, judgments, or failings. You are a sovereign, and you are infinite. You are infinite. Sit with the silence and know; remember. Acknowledge with love the aches and pains and stagnated energies in your body. These are your tenderness; a kindness long desiring to be unbound; an access portal to your untapped, repressed essence. 

Let your fears ravage you. Integrate the resultant truth, as the obviously superficial illusions burn away, enlightening what remains. This will enforce a requisite learning, as you implement and steady yourself.

Solvitur ambulando