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The ways in which we go about our everyday have a tendency of repeating themselves. We complain about the same things, defer and delay the same things, shy away from the same things, and oddly, wonder why life keeps offering us the same things.

There is a low-level suffering that keeps us comfortable with the familiar. Since we were quite young, conditions that were introduced have persisted, starting with the most basic of issues: not getting love. This, as an energy, branches out and infects all aspects of our lives, because the overlay is a powerful one.

And it doesn’t require much focus to live on, clinging to us for the rest of our days. It becomes the norm, and the standard we live at simply has nowhere to expand to. That is, until we engage in the work.

Until we choose to reverse, dispel, reclaim and own the forces of lacking and needing and wanting, we can’t see past the energetic barrier we ourselves have chosen to maintain.

It’s a sad reality that most of us will not figure this out until we can do nothing more to change it. Instead of living a little more each day, inspired, open, uplifted, and uplifting to others, we simply fade, age, wither and expire.

There’s no great mystery to all this, though we’re convinced there should be; if we can’t drag the idea of suffering into the arena of elevated consciousness, how can we trust it even exists? Ease, grace, joy, gratitude, peace, love… buzzwords and platitudes, fantasy and fiction. But, why?

You know why.

You want to be loved. You want connection. You want to be in league with the infinite. You want to be the better version of yourself, yet the wanting, the talking about it, the sharing of inspiring quotes and superficial pleasantries doesn’t resonate with your core knowing. In an instant, your deep truth calls bullshit, and you have a choice: next level, or same, same.

Solvitur ambulando