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chronic pain


the trap of specificity is its dependence on a very limited scope of potentiality. our desired results are entirely based on our current mindset and established beliefs, thus we benefit from becoming aware of the greater reasons for our wants. the broader, lighter, expansive perspective not only liberates our mind from the chronic pain of…

why care?


we carry all sorts of strange weights and hindrances around with us in this life. we tend to experience much of the journey through dichotomy and contradiction, within and without… until we don’t. like a pedantic metronome, the slowest tempo is also the widest oscillating motion. our life path can reflect this in our reality,…

bright lights


the thing about authenticity, is the spirit’s liberation through it. when you dive in to the real you, it doesn’t matter where you live, what you drive, what you wear, what’s in the bank, who you love, and how you love. you do what calls to you, because that’s how you love the world. you…