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The Many Faces of a Staged Play

All plays have a script, a cast, director, a stage, props, rehearsals, and ultimately, the show’s run. The ongoing plandemic of 2020 is part of a broadly orchestrated, long-term, well-funded play, covering many aspects of society as we know it. Many may believe it to be a story about a virus — a novel, mutating contagion infecting, hospitalizing, and killing countless millions all over the world.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Medical ethics in the West has long been predicated on informed consent, the oath to do no harm, the notion that good health care is a human right, and the search for scientific truth free from skullduggery and censorship. These tenets are not only integral to a sound health care system but are foundational to a civilized society. Lamentably, each of these sacrosanct principles is anathema to the medical industrial complex. For we have entered the Age of Faucism.

David Penner

First, there is the clear and obvious profiteering and monstrous greed of the malevolent entity that is the medical industrial complex. The efforts and machinations of this seeming blight upon humanity has been actively disparaging, disenfranchising, and suppressing all forms of natural healing and health, while injuring, crippling and causing excess and premature deaths without apparent concern — with increasingly limited, to no legal liability, and little to no scientific accountability — for over two hundred years. Granted, many great and wonderful innovations and medical breakthroughs have been achieved along the way, but in the broader scope, the widespread harms far outweigh the benefits.

The novel vaccine agenda, for one — for which the televised rehearsal was Event 201 — has proven to be ineffective, destructive, dangerous, unnecessary and directly responsible for perpetuating the fictitious doomsday narrative of cases. No virus nor causative contagion has ever been scientifically proven to exist (in fact, “virology” has long been considered little more than speculative pseudoscience by doctors, scientists and researchers who are today censored, suppressed and ridiculed at every turn for trying to expose the truth of this fraud to the public). It has, however, generated record profits and created hundreds of new billionaires in 18 short months. This, I would argue, is just as it was planned, given that for more than twenty years, repeated “outbreaks” and other false flag events have conditioned a generation into a persistent fear and paranoia regarding extrinsic threats to their freedoms and their health.

Good human beings, stressed out of their heads, presuming that they’re being rational or “good,” are up in arms over a piece of cloth over another person’s face (religious fanaticism, hello) or about the moral obligation to unconditionally worship an entire class of medical products based strictly on their marketing brochures, bought bureaucrats, and complying journos (science, logic or integrity be damned). Meanwhile, the ones who’re orchestrating the divide know exactly what they are doing.

Tessa Lena

The script has been revised, rewritten and updated quite frequently, culminating in what we now know as the story of covid. Many of the same characters have been in this play before, and many have been working behind the scenes to make certain that the necessary stage was presented.

The eugenicists have got hold of the levers of power and this is a really artful way of getting you to line-up and receive some unspecified thing that will damage you. I have no idea what it will actually be, but it won’t be a vaccine because you don’t need one. And it won’t kill you on the end of the needle because you would spot that.

Dr. Mike Yeadon

A secondary storyline of the aggressive vaccine push would certainly appear to be a depopulation effort, running concurrently with a dehumanization scheme. Very few of us are aware of just how many people are dying from vaccines, opioids, and many other iatrogenic, or allopathic medical practices. Long-term effects are not at all known for covid vaccines, and could ultimately lead to untold injuries and fatalities. Furthermore, vaccines — doses and frequencies of which have increased dramatically in recent years — are widely known to retard development in infants and children, lower IQ, and introduce a young human being to any number of chronic, potentially life-long (or life-shortening) diseases. What’s particularly disturbing is how eager pharmaceutical interests are to create an indefinite supply of permanent, dependent clients and customers.

When a new vaccine is in production, one should always ask three questions: Is the vaccine necessary? Is it safe? And is it efficacious? The Church of Vaccinology is founded on the notion that every vaccine is necessary, safe, and effective, and history has repeatedly shown this to be a myth going back to the Cutter Incident. Since vaccination constitutes a significant medical intervention which poses an element of risk, why should a vaccine be produced for an illness which is treatable? And if vaccines are unfailingly innocuous, why is there a need for coercion?

David Penner

An emotionally, cognitively and physically weakened populace cannot defend itself.

Next, there is a transhumanist agenda, wherein novel nanotechnologies and biotechnologies are being injected into ignorant, confused, fearful people all over the world — again, by way of experimental gene therapies, marketed as mRNA vaccines. “For the greater good,” we will need to be ready and willing to take medications and undergo experimental procedures — in perpetuity — further disconnecting our remarkable human organism from nature, and its inherent ability to heal itself.

As to financial concerns, it’s quite clear that while the covid scheme has made vested interests very rich, it has also made possible a massive transfer of wealth. Small businesses and countless property owners have lost their hard-won livelihoods and resources, as arbitrary lockdowns, mandates and other restrictions are ongoing. Government handouts as covid benefits are further destroying market stability, as staff shortages inevitably increase everywhere. Why work for a terrible wage, when you earn more for sitting at home, not needing to wear a mask, not needing any shots, and having unlimited access to an endless range of deliveries and distractions?

The CDC recently announced an initiative to nationalize all privately-owned rental properties. You can bet this theme will spread into other countries, as land grabs of all variety and justification are a common plot point used throughout history. What gives this “disease control” organization any jurisdiction whatsoever into the real estate market is confusing, to say the least. Regardless, while extending eviction moratoriums, they seem to be concurrently forcing property owners to accept that they are not allowed to force occupants to pay their rents — yet mortgage payments must now continue. The results of this would seem quite evident: the banks, investment firms, or the government, would ultimately take ownership of a vast swath of properties, with the government (or the CDC?) deciding what rental rates will be, and naturally, what the terms and conditions will be to enjoy subsidized housing. You can bet vaccines, or other freedom-limiting practices, will be part of that initiative.

On and on it goes, spreading across the world at warp speed, as various parasitic corporate, transnational, globalist and governmental interests opportunistically converge and profit in numerous ways from this multifaceted agenda. It is clear that the whole charade is primarily about commerce and control, with the masses of humanity feeding their efforts in perpetuity.

And that seems an adequate justification for countless injuries, and increasing numbers of deaths around the world — not by a novel virus, no, but by the hands, needles, pens, politics and pulpits of their fellow men and women, unaware, or perhaps unable to liberate themselves from centuries-old dogmatic obsession, systemic corruption, and widespread, unchecked, unacknowledged psychosis.

Whether the totalitarian program is premeditated or opportunistic, deliberate or emergent, the question remains: How does a small elite move the great mass of humanity? They do it by aggravating and exploiting deep psycho-social patterns such as the Girardian. Fascists have always done that. We normally attribute pogroms and genocide to racist ideology, the classic example being antisemitic fascism. From the Girardian perspective it is more the other way around. The ideology is secondary: a creation and a tool of impending violent unanimity. It creates its necessary conditions.

Charles Eisenstein

. . .

We all most certainly have a part to play, whether we’ve asked for it or not. It is truly a time to be disciplined, determined, courageous and purposeful with our thoughts, words and deeds. It is a time to stand up, to resist, to challenge the veracity of, and to abolish these toxic, life-destroying measures, and move swiftly to avert future fakery, no matter what. The mainstream media isn’t on our side. Big Tech, Big Pharma, Big Finance and Big Education aren’t helping either, and governments seem intent only to rule by brute force, rather than law.

What’s left?

That is what this is all about: No Matter What.

It’s a test of faith, conviction, courage.

Will you refuse the vaccine no matter what?

Believe me, I support all sorts of legal case filings and challenges to vaccine mandates. I don’t care how slim the chances of success are.

But in the end, every individual has to decide what he will accept and what he will reject.

No matter what the consequences are.

We are the cure. This is the war.

Jon Rappoport

. . .

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