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The Reluctant Pilgrim…

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

through life’s myriad trials, tests, and triumphs, we arrive in a greater state than could have been before.

reluctantly, we achieve, expand and experience the new, the unexpected, and the revealed.

through pain, we are pushed through limitations.

through pain, we realize the release.

through struggle, we remember to let go.

the reluctant pilgrim discovers, in the end, his entire journey was a spiritual one…

awake again
to face the day
the same old way
and you wonder what
will change… if anything

the road is hard
it feels so long
like it’s all wrong
and you dream of what
will be… if anything

take one step
then take another
turn one page
then turn another…

it begins with a single thought
it continues… connecting all the dots
life reveals to you
an uncommon truth
for the reluctant pilgrim
the journey’s just begun…

love your life,