Tag: reflection

you, knowing

you can imagine a thousand ways for life, or for them, to fail you. that’s what we’re told to expect. yet, in the quiet, penetrating silence, oh my. . ….

a day on earth

the forces of the universe support everyone, whether we like them, believe in them, despise them, fight them or love them….

sitting by the abyss

stay long enough and she reaches into you…

get real close

get real close and you can see the lines, and spots the wrinkles, and scars the salt and pepper and all those scattered plot points these raw details yours to define sometimes they frame a tired smile; it’s all in the eyes that sometimes lose the pretense and spill out happiness this face perhaps one…

copious mirror

i need you to challenge me my assumptions my noise and even my quiet – not serene silence but hiding, razor-like prick-ly voids… i need you to hold me hold space for me throw fuel in the furnace if ever it’s reduced to a pilot flame… i need you to reflect for me never to…