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The Day Job

“Your job is your side project.” A good perspective.

It’s a fairly common and repeating theme as we delve time and again into the creative life — or whatever we’re building, aspiring and moving toward — while we expend countless hours and energetic resources working a job to maintain a semblance of support for ourselves… and very likely a family.

Our boats are all of different designs, shapes and sizes — all of them quite resilient and tuned to our unique rivers of consciousness. We are not the victims of the world we see, yet it can feel like it’s kicking our ass sometimes.

There exists that spark because we’re capable of having the fire it would ignite. Dreams and goals may morph and shift and change (or be thrown away, then picked up again) as we grow through life, but at the core of it, is something exceptional. That’s what will lift us out of bed before alarms to read a bit, youtube a bit, research a bit, envision a bit, imagine a bit and magnetize it — drawing it ever just a little bit closer to us.

The distance isn’t actually real. It’s a concept and a story. It is our own hero’s journey.

Don’t “just burn” as this day is but once upon us.

If anything, quit allowing the rigmarole of the mundane, and the noise of the inane and small-minded, to sap your courage and curiosity and wonder. There are no ordinary moments. Anything you’re learning, wherever you’re right now investing time and energy, will transfer in one form or another everywhere else.


Solvitur ambulando

The video that inspired this post: Chase Jarvis – Ready to quit your day job?