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Brutum Fulmen

Throughout our lives we go through numerous stages of planning, doing, learning, failing and succeeding. In our minds, it’s generally a ceaseless battlefield, and often, it’s a battle that faces directly inward, full of insults, challenges, judgments and largely harmless or empty threats.

Whether we learned it from a book, religion, teacher, mentor, parent, or coach, we adopted this internal dialogue that primarily pits us against ourselves. We are, typically, our own worst enemy. And it isn’t a fair fight, because there’s never a clear winner, nor a clear resolution.

It’s just an endless grudge match. Back and forth, for years, or decades, and maybe even until our very last breath… when the regrets surface, and the “I wish I had…” list gets counted off.

It comes from a culture of comparison and competition. It comes from the guilt and shame amassed over millennia of masculine ideas suppressing and disempowering feminine energies. It comes from a society that is at constant odds with itself, polarized and posturing and impotent to step into its deep truth.

So, while all this external noise and madness has to play itself out, while it has to be faced by all of us individually and as a collective, YOU don’t have to beat the shit out of yourself in the meantime.

You just need to be real. You naturally desire an authenticity that goes beyond many social norms, and you only need to stand up to the lies you’ve internalized, to exhale, and to let them go.

Laughter helps. Gratitude helps. Love helps. Daring greatly helps. Being nervous, unsure, anxious and excited helps. Move your body. Find your own meditation practice (not just a mindfulness exercise… expand your consciousness and rewire your nervous system). Cold showers help. Bawling your eyes out helps.

Speaking your truth helps.

Everyone is on this rocking boat, if they’re on this planet, right now. There’s so much more to it than meets the eye. Trust your heart. Follow your feet.

Solvitur ambulando